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My Butt.

My Butt.

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MO’s got a big ole butt!

You know that song from the 1990 Sir Mix-A-Lot?  Well, that song made me the BUTT of most jokes.

For most of my 51 years, I hated my butt. It was the curse that kept we out of the Guess Jeans of the 90’s.

I knew at a very young age that being called “Double Butt” and “Bubble Butt” was NOT a good thing!

So, I attempted to starve it, to run it off, to lift it up with weight, and to make it sleek with Pilates.

It may have transformed, yet it still stuck out.

Then, a few years ago, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape. And now, my butt went from being a “Bubble Butt” to a “Bauble Butt” – a crowned jewel to be envied.

I hear all the time:

“I wish I had a butt like that.”
“You know, people pay to have a bubble butt like that.”
“How do you get your waist so small and your butt so big?’

The whole thing is bewildering.  For years, I allowed society to make me feel like a Fat-Bottom Girl.  I would starve my body of the latest jeans because they didn’t fit me.  I believed something was wrong with me.  Family members suggested that maybe I need to just eat a bit less and I could look like my sisters – big-boobed with flat asses and skinny legs. I cursed my mom’s genes for forcing me to wear mom jeans!

Now, all the sudden, my butt is the toast of the town.


Society is ridiculous and screwed up – and you and I need to ignore them ASAP.

Even though my butt may be the toast, it is toast when I try to squeeze it in a pair of pants. Today, I refuse to give my money to anyone who creates clothes that don’t honor my butt – not because it the desire of the moment, rather because they have decided to not honor my butt.

I take this new-found butt fame for what it is: a flash in the pan that will move on when the next B celeb makes some other body part famous.

This new-found butt fame taught me that I don’t need society to tell me to love my butt.  I can love it all on my own – along with every other part of my body.

Great strides are being made in body acceptance, respect, and love.  It warms my heart.

You cannot create lasting body love by hating it. It doesn’t work.  I remember when I was 127lbs. I was fit.  I had defined arms and flat abs. Yet, all could focus on was my big butt and saddlebags. I remember grabbing those saddlebags and trying to rip them off my thighs. A small voice asked me what would happen if I focused on all great things about my body. I laughed and said “I will never be happy until the butt I and saddlebags have been destroyed.”

What got destroyed was my body, my health.

Stop allowing society to dictate your worth. It is like the inmates running the asylum.  instead focus treating your body as your baby and it will respond with transformation I guarantee it!

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