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THANK YOU! Thank you for being courageous and showing up here. You landed here for a reason. Maybe google led you to, yet a force bigger than a search engine brought us together. You live in the pain of having food rule your life along with a side of shame.

At Savor You, we kick shame to the curb and guide you towards transforming food from a weapon of self-destruction to a tool for healing.

You are not alone; a community of like-minded sisters are waiting to embrace you. All you have to do is say yes.

Maneuvering through websites can be tedious and who has time for that! My goal is that you get the most from as quickly as possible. Below you will find all you need to begin the healing process.

You are the only one who can heal you yet you cannot do it with just you! In this moment, allow me to help you. Every day I pray for my community. Sometimes these are general prayers while other times people take advantage of texting me specific struggles. If you are hurting in anyway, will you send me a text and allow me to pray for you? You can text me at 314-780-4968.

I AM A GIVER! Allow me to also serve through these social media outlets:


In order to be in sync, the Divine leads yet you can’t access the harmonious movement without being an active participant! The fastest way to learn this dance is to download your customized healing plan: Dancing with the Divine: Co-Create Your Divine Plan for Healing Your Relationship with Food and Your Body. Once you enter your name and email you will be able to download an audio, a beautifully designed guidebook and your customized healing plan. Plus, you have to option to have me help you fine tune the plan.

Healing your relationship with food does not need to be hard and full of suffering. You no longer need to DIEt jump or hire more professionals to heal you. Instead, you can just learn a simple recipe:

Dancing with the Divine has 6 steps:

D: Deepening your relationship with your higher power: the foundation to transforming food from a weapon of self-destruction to a powerful healing tool starts with Spirit.

I: Intu^Nutrition Training: With the marriage of your intuition and the highest quality of nutrition available to you; you will create a way of eating that nourishes your body, skyrockets your energy and allows you to shrink to your God-given size.

V: Valuing Yourself and Your Body: You are precious cargo; yet all the noise from outside leaves you wondering about your worth in the world. When you begin to value what you offer your body will respond with love and weight release.

I: Initiate Rituals that Ground You: The present is a present. Creating practices to open and close the day allows you to respond powerfully to challenges and to end the day in peace.

N: Negotiate Your Emotions to Feel Empowered. Feelings and emotions are meant to be moved through without judgment. Let’s learn to use them as powerful messengers instead of stuffing and managing them with food.

E: Eliminate Shame and Discover the Gift Behind Your Binges. Due to the intense shame I felt; I hid my food issues and isolated myself. You and God are the only ones who can heal you. The antidote to shame is sharing and then peeking behind the feeling to discover the gift.


Sassy Pants Rebels are a sisterhood of women who lock arms as they jump off the bandwagon together and rebel against restrictions and rules so they can create their own unique recipe for healing and health. You will find encouragement when you are down while celebrating successes. We also challenge each other through tiny consistent actions that skyrocket our healing, gives us more energy and allows us to release weight gracefully. Just go here to become a sassy pant rebel!

I have dug deep into my relationship with food; got honest and faced my demons. My stare down with my food frenemy allowed me to release 50 pounds and keep (most of it) off for over 7 years.

The journey is still unfolding for me and it will for you too and that is what makes Savor You so fun! We are always falling and learning from it while being sharing our vulnerabilities and not taking ourselves too seriously.

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