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As a food relationship expert; I know one thing: it is not about the food. The food, the extra weight, the fatigue and lack of sleep are just symptoms of dis-alignment. When you can shift your belief from Kale will save you and dig deep into what needs to change you will finally create a love affair with food and possess the energy, creativity and persistence to creating a sassy, sexy and satisfied life.

Savor You is all about you! I have dug deep into my relationship with food; got honest and faced my demons. My stare down with my food frenemy allowed me to release 50 pounds and keep (most of it) off for 6 years.

The journey is still unfolding for me and it will for you too and that is what makes Savor You so fun! We are always falling and learning from it while being sharing our vulnerabilities and not taking ourselves too seriously.

I know that the slick look of websites can hide the creator; but not at Savor You! Over on my blog; I share my vulnerabilities because the only way to savor yourself and create that sassy, sexy and satisfied life is for you to get real.

Meet Maureen

Meet Maureen

If food and I were going to have a relationship on Facebook; I would check the box: "It's complicated". Food has been my best friend, my lover and my mortal enemy. Food has loved me and nearly killed me.

My name is Maureen Wielansky and I am a Food Relationship Expert. I often say the “experts” become “experts because they have gotten up one more time than they have fallen. I have hated myself up the scale and loved myself down and then hated myself again.

Yet, through all the love and hate, weight gain and weight loss; binging and purging with exercise; I finally figured out that my obsession food was not a problem that needed to be solved. Rather it is the doorway to creating my own sassy, sexy and satisfied life!

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Join the Fun at a Mindful Meal Party

To lead a sassy, sexy and satisfied life; you need high quality fuel; yet getting the fuel quickly and easily seems impossible in this fast-paced world of driving, meeting and greeting. You would love to have fast, healthy meals on the table yet making that happen has been inconsistent at best. It either feels like it takes up too much valuable time; so you go drive through the drive thru for the fast food and a side of guilt.

When you join a Mindful Meal Party; you get to bring the drive thru home. You will enjoy a sensational girls night out while preparing healthy and organic proteins and side dishes while learning how to make it all fit simply into your life. Every mindful meal party is packed with flavor and lacking gluten, dairy, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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I Savor My Life!


The moment a woman embraces her power to create a Sassy, Sexy and Satisfied life, her world shifts. The winds of worth, wealth and wisdom begin to flow in her life and she is FREE. She becomes part of the Savor community of women who are free. Free to become more of who we really are. Free to be REAL (imperfect and flawed) without the fear that it will diminish our value. Realizing that the quirks andidiosyncrasies that make us different are the very things that make us savory, amazing and valuable. We are free to live full with no hole inside that needs to be filled. No longer dependent on sugar, food or over indulgence to make us feel better. We shun the diet experts that tell us what to eat. Instead we listen to our gut and nourish our bodies with a unique recipe. A recipe that skyrockets our energy and helps us let go of excess weight. Satisfaction comes from knowing that today is a powerful force that will shape our tomorrow. We are redefining success to suit our new and more powerful vision of ourselves. It’s the only definition that matters anyway!

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