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I am ready to release guilt, shame and fear related
to food so I can heal, be happy and dance!
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The Gift of the Binge

Oh, binging is so bad! You white knuckle your way through only to find yourself succumb to the seduction of your desire. Then, here comes the shame and the only way to shut up the bitch in your brain is to binge some more. The cycle continues until your despair becomes so deep that you… Read More >

Beat the Binge!

Beat the Binge!

When I was deep into my binging behavior, I remember visiting a therapist who shared that I was “too hard on myself” and that I just needed to “relax” around all this binging drama. I immediately left her office vowing never see her again while promising myself from now on I will be good. I… Read More >

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Sassy Pants Rebels are a sisterhood of women who lock arms as they jump off the bandwagon together and rebel against restrictions and rules so they can create their own unique recipe for healing & health.
You will find encouragement when you are down while celebrating successes. We also challenge each other through tiny consistent actions that skyrocket our healing, gives us more energy and allows us to release weight gracefully.

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