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Have you felt that food has loved you and then nearly killed you?

You are not alone.

If food and I were going to have a relationship on Facebook; I would check the box: “It’s complicated”. Food has been my best friend, my lover and my mortal enemy.

My name is Maureen Wielansky and I am a Food Relationship Expert.  I hesitate to use that word because when I hear that someone is an “expert” they are untouchable and I have to do everything to avoid them.  Here is what I want you to know: The “experts” become “experts” because they have gotten up one more time than they have fallen. Boy, I can tell you I have fallen and I have fallen down hard!  I have hated myself up the scale and loved myself down. And then, hated myself again.

Can you relate?

I founded “Savor YOU” as your doorway to living a sassy, sexy and satisfied life.  At Savor YOU we view fat as a teacher and a messenger.  The fat sticks with us until we are ready to listen and once we learn what the fat is here to teach; then it will leave.  We are a spiritual bunch who knows that the way to heal always go through our Higher Power. Savor You envelopes you in a non-judgmental love bubble where you can feel free to share your struggles and your victories.

This I know for sure: You are your greatest healer and you have everything you need to heal your relationship with food; you just forgot you knew how!  Therefore, you also know what and how to eat in a way that is naturally healing to your body, mind, and soul. I coined this philosophy Intu^Nutrition because it is the perfect marriage of your intuition and high-quality nutrition.

Millions of websites can be found to show you what to eat; chances are you already know about healthy food; the missing ingredient is YOU.   Since YOU are one of a kind; your journey through healing requires a special combination of ingredients and seasonings that can only be found in the test kitchens of Savor You.

While you are creating that unique recipe you will also learn how to:

  • Live Sassy by standing in your power and allowing yourself to shine no matter how many dimmers may cross your path.
  • Embrace your sexy self: Sexy isn’t only about sex appeal. Sexy isn’t about a certain size but confidence and strutting your stuff.
  • Be Satisfied by embracing your imperfections and striving for excellence.

Take a deep breath, place your hand your gut and take a deep breath.  Now ask your gut “Is Savor You for Me?  If the answer comes in as Yes, then click the big orange button below let’s get this party started by taking my quiz: Are You Having an Affair with Food?  You only need to answer 12 true/false questions.  Once you complete the quiz, you will know your Food Affair Quotient and have the opportunity to download: The 5 Surprising Steps to Ending the Affair with food.


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