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Weight Loss Can be Easy.

Weight Loss Can be Easy.
Feel like your hands are tied when it comes to weight loss?

Why does the Weight Loss/ Food Crap have to be so hard?  What if we just watched what we ate; splurged on the weekend and worked out?

I asked that question to my client in her final session.
She responded:
“Weight loss is hard because of all the toxins in the environment.”
“Weight loss is hard because we are so addicted to sugar, and the withdrawals are so f*cking intense.”
“Weight loss is hard because our hormones are out of whack stealing our energy, our focus, our good moods and our body shape.”
Detoxing, hormones, BPA and sugar addiction; these are valid reasons to overall your lifestyle immediately!


I have clients who are struggling because they know these things; they desperately desire to detox the sugar and the toxins. Hormonal balance seduces them into white-knuckling their way through the day.

What if you could just relax?

What happened to just “watching what you eat” and splurging a bit on the weekends?

Yes, the weight won’t come off immediately. In fact, it may take months or even years and in our instant gratification society; that is UNACCEPTABLE.

However, it is painful to watch so many (including me) attempt to overhaul our lifestyle at once.

  • What if we could make one little change?
  • What if we could make that change a consistent practice?
  • What if we could rebel against overhauling our lifestyle and trick our subconscious into a new way of living; one little act at a time?

    April is all about change:

    1. declaring that change
    2. Tracking that change
    3. Sharing progress on that change.

So many of you rebels have already been rebelling and are creating amazing lives. Like an onion; there are always layers to peel back and discover.

The facts remain:

•    Big Pharma needs you to be sick so it can make $$.shutterstock_401527105
•    The DIEt industry needs you to be fat so you will jump on the next bandwagon; giving your faith to a product, program, pill or drop.
•    The food industry needs you to be addicted to their packaged foods.

I am not going all conspiracy theory; yet, with overweight people outnumbering normal weight people and with the dismal success track of 95% finding the weight they lost something must be done.

The focus must come off the weight and on the cause for the weight.  It is so much easier to focus on calories than the reason behind the food compulsions.

I understand!
•    I am not the health coach who loves vegetables.
•    I am not the health coach who see gluten as the devil.
•    I am not the health coach who weighs her ideal weight.
I struggle with letting go of the extra weight.  I know that my hormones are having a party at my expense.  I don’t have it all figured out.
For the last month, I have tracked calories and exercise and gained a couple of pounds.

The calories in/out theory seems to be a load of crap FOR ME.

I often wonder; if I am going to gain weight what the fuck; bring in the pretzels and let’s party!
The weight that I am carrying isn’t about what I am eating or my micronutrient balance.

The weight is here to share something with me.  My body and soul know that making my butt bigger gets my attention.

Now it is not only about wearing a smaller size.  I have two cousins fighting cancer.  One is a year younger with Stage 3 breast cancer while the other, a year older is fighting ovarian cancer.
I don’t care to have cancer; so I will lay off the gluten, sugar, and artificial crap.  Of course, I have no guarantees yet; I am getting in fighting shape just in case I have to kick the shit out of cancer, and the best way is through a resilient body.

Therefore, I propose the following:

1.    Join the Sassy Pant Rebels group over on Facebook. It is free.11953006_10204866397284892_4249107745643051397_n
2.    Once you are there; introduce yourself
3.    Take inventory of the “I should do” things for your health.
4.    Pick a “should do” to do.
5.    Break it down to such a small step that you say that step is too small.
6.    Start taking action every day and share it with the group so we can keep you accountable.


The best way to beat the “Big Boys” is with small steps every day and having faith that watching what you eat leads to your small victories.  Your turn: what are your thoughts about simplifying this food crap?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousins, Maureen. Cancer absolutely sucks and we have no guarantees of fighting it even with the best choices for our health possible. I completely agree with you about small steps. I’m the queen of trying to make 50 changes at once. When I fail at one which is inevitable, I just quit them all. I’m just focusing on sugar right now. That one is huge so it will stay as my main focus for a while before I move to the next one. Great words of wisdom here :)!

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