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Weight Loss Fail: Why You Will Likely Lose the Weight Loss War.

Weight Loss Fail: Why You Will Likely Lose the Weight Loss War.
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 When you focus on losing weight you will always be a winner with weight gain. Pretty bold statement right?  Open your mind and suspend judgment for a few minutes.

Let’s face these facts:
1. 95% of people who lose weight find it again and more!
2. Society is set up to keep you fat.  As Sinbad once said: “Why do I not know I gained weight until it is too late?”
3. You have no control over the scale yet worship that piece of metal like it is holy or avoid it like the plague.
4. Most people who exercise consistently change their bodies very little even though their fitbit says that burned 100s of calories.
5. When one DIEt doesn’t work; you jump onto the next DIEt bandwagon and when that doesn’t work you wonder “what’s wrong with me?”
What is a Savorista to do?
  • Quit trying to lose weight right now.
  • Quit avoiding and worshiping the scale
  • Quit allowing society to dictate your life
  • Quit exercising the way your should.
  • Quit jumping from one DIEt bandwagon to another.

You are likely to lose the weight loss war because you are focusing on losing weight!

The problem with weight loss:
  •  When you say weight loss,  you are literally telling your subconscious to find it again.  Usually, when you lose something you feel stress and your subconscious, which runs on emotions is very intimate with that stressed feeling and wants it to go away immediately!
  • Weight is not the problem but rather a symptom and if you only take away the symptom without treating the cause eventually, the symptom returns with a vengeance.  For example, when I was deep into my addiction with food I decided to take an appetite suppressant.  After all, if I wasn’t so hungry then I wouldn’t binge and I would lose weight.  That worked for a few days.  Unfortunately, I was so focused on losing weight that I didn’t know that I was starving for something that food could not give me. As a result of that emotional starvation, my binges intensified.  Now I had layered another addiction on top of my food addiction!  Let’s pretend that you have a bulging disc and the doctor has told you that surgery would solve your pain, yet you are avoiding it. You take an over the counter pain relieving med and they work!  Over time, you find that more and more meds are needed to relieve your pain and as a result; you find yourself in surgery anyway with a longer recovery time.  Back pain (symptom) surgery (solution) pain meds (quick fix that eventually hurts you more).
  • The scale does LIE!  The scale does not tell the whole truth and that is lying!  I encourage a once a week ritual with the scale because 1. I refuse to have a hunk of metal hold any power over me and it is a good tool to track trends. It is a way to get to know you body more intimately. However, focusing only on that drains you of your power which leads to stress which leads to cortisol being poured into your blood stream which leads to fat storage.  All this because the scale is so freaking powerful.
  • Exercise so you can burn calories even though you may hate what you are doing or you do what worked for you before.  Exercise becomes another job instead of a great way to relieve stress, release endorphins and renew your energy.
  • You are listening to someone else telling you what to eat and how to live.  You know what is best for you and if you are binging it is because something is not honoring you.

The 5% who enjoy life long weight loss know:

  • What to feed their bodies both with food and exercise.
  • Committed to their health and well-being no matter what. They stay conscious of their lifestyle while being flexible.
  • They enjoy treats and then continue on their healthy path without guilt, or self-berating.
  • They have gone deep and healed the cause of the extra weight and continue to stay conscious of their emotions.
  • They have some sort of spiritual relationship.
  • Even if a few pounds creep on, they are in tune to their bodies and emotions and take action quickly by being curious, learning the lessons and tweaking the plan.

These 5% may seem like they won the weight loss war.  However, and they may not even realize it yet; they healed the cause of the weight gain.  You can have this too.  These 5% are not more gifted, loved or pretty.

We can enjoy weight loss without fighting battles.
We can enjoy weight loss without fighting battles.
If you struggle with binging and obsessing over your food I want you to know:
  • You already know how to heal the cause of your weight gain. You will need help from someone to bring it to light; but you know.
  • You already know how to eat in a way that skyrockets your energy, lasers your focus and allows you to release weight.  Again, you may need help with this but I will bet my new puppy on this! (I really love my puppy)shutterstock_382182127
  • You have the courage to rebel against society and for yourself so you too can feel sassy, sexy and satisfied.

In order to end the binges and stroll down the path to weight release:

  1.  Take the Are you having an affair with food quiz and if you find yourself in a relationship with food that is out of the friend zone; be sure download the 5 surprising steps to ending the affair with food.
  2. Eat what you are eating already even if your diet consists of junk food and sugar but WHILE you are eating focus on eating only when hungry and stopping when satisfied.  This could give you some immediate relief.
  3. When you binge; don’t berate yourself.  Instead come from a place of non-judgment and curiosity.  Literally, repeat this sentence to yourself and then write down the answer: “Wow that is interesting, wonder why I just ate that?”
  4. Get help.  Most people, will need a help being guided out of the war zone of weight loss and into the green pastures of binge free eating and weight release.  You are the only one who can do it AND you cannot do it alone.  You can always apply for a 20 minute are you having a affair with food quickie session with me or find someone else who will honor your body while navigating this new way of living.
  5. View your excess weight as a powerful communicator.  Listen to what it has to say and then ask what it needs for it to leave.

To win war on weight gain; you have to refuse to go to war with weight loss!  Instead: Go inward, get support and take consistent action.  I am here for you!

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