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Fire Up Your Inner Chef!

Fire Up Your Inner Chef!

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I hate to cook. Shhhhhh…. Most people don’t know this (giggle)

As a child I was the one who had to stay in after school and help my grandmother cook dinner.  I learned to associate cooking with punishment.  I wanted to play with my friends not hand potatoes to my crabby grandma.

So like any sassy pant rebel I vowed not to cook and to find the easiest ways to get food on the table.  My family ate more McDonald’s than I care to admit.  Dominoes Pizza delivery knew me by name and I spent years serving my family minute rice and dried out chicken.

Then my affair with food drove me to 200 pounds and when I finally took responsibility and ended this co-dependency; I knew that they only way to heal was through the kitchen. So I put on my sassy pants and fired up my inner chef.  I used my childhood memories of laborious cooking with grandma and rebelled against it.  I created new positive memories with convenient ways to get in and out of the kitchen quickly while enjoying foods that fed my body and my tastebuds. Whoo Hoo! (raise your hands in the air)

I want to encourage you to fire up your inner chef and rebel against the belief that healthy food has to be hard, and expensive and taste like cardboard. Pick up my complimentary gift to you, a Video Set titled: Fire Up Your Inner Chef: How to Create Healthy Food Fast While Having a Blast Even if You Hate Cooking.

Each day for 7 days, I will send you a quick video on how you can quickly and inexpensively create healthy food that you will actually want to eat.  In these videos I share:

  • How to quickly fill your pantry so that grocery shopping becomes speedy.
  • The devil in your fridge that is keeping you from healing and how to get rid of them without missing them.
  • Why shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is keeping you from your healing and health.

Picking up your videos is super simple; just type in your name and email address and I will send the first video to your email box; lickety split!

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