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Why Intuitive Eating Sucks and What to Do Instead

Why Intuitive Eating Sucks and What to Do Instead

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 Who am I to say Intuitive Eating Sucks?

One of the facets of my work with clients is guiding them while they learn how to heal their relationship with food. I help them get in touch with their nutrition intuition so the can create a plan that feeds their body and their soul.

Sounds a lot like intuitive eating, doesn’t it?

Am I being a hypocrite in telling you that intuitive eating sucks while then directing you towards accessing your nutrition intuition?

Ok, let me explain:

The creators of this way of eating are brilliant, and I love their book and even took a class with them so I could help my clients better access their intuitive eating.

The reason intuitive eating sucks is the way intuitive eating is practiced: eat what you crave, and the cravings will go away.

That may have worked 20 years ago when our food supply wasn’t designed to create addictive cravings.   Today it just doesn’t work.

I recently was chatting with a brilliant woman who is studying to become a registered dietician.  Her commitment to helping families cleans up their eating and clear  up the brain fog is commendable.

One of her assignments was to practice eating intuitively.

She gained 10 pounds.

She dedicates herself to her health, to eating the highest quality of nutrition; yet she still gained weight.

Today, in 2016, the food supply is created to seduce you to want more.  The artificial sweeteners, preservatives, fake fat and hefty amounts of salt give your dopamine receptors an orgasm.  These receptors, in turn, need more and more to get that orgasmic

Don’t get Caught in the Trap of Intuitive

I don’t mean to go all conspiracy theorist on you.

Eating intuitively according to your unique nutritional code is an essential ingredient to your feeling fed recipe, yet first, we have to clean out the clutter that keeps you from deciphering the code.

We have been taught to listen to our brain, yet our wisdom lies within the gut.  The ENS or the enteric nervous system relays this communication via the vagus nerve.  This nerve runs from our base stem: (reptilian brain) crosses our chest then explodes into billions of neurons deep into our gut.  Our true wisdom lives in our gut, not in our brain.  The gut communicates with the brain what it needs for nourishment.

When that communication is cluttered you cannot hear it, and you will always go to where the reptilian brain directs you; which means sugar, salt, and fat combo foods that keep the dopamine neurotransmitters begging for more.

So, what is a gal to do?

First, you have to clear out the clutter that is keeping your brains from communicating then you have to create a practice of asking your gut what it desires as opposed to being enticed by the quick fix of the reptilian brain.

Luckily to do that is pretty simple and the clutter can disappear within days.

To clear the crap that keeps you from eating intuitively:
1. Remove the ingredients that are causing the clutter.  You let go of gluten, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
2. Manage the withdrawals.  Sugar and even artificial sweeteners cause the same addictive responses as cocaine and heroin.  You will have withdrawals such as headaches, tummy ache, mood  swings and fatigue.  Plan for them as best you can and know that the harder you fall the better you will feel.
3. Get cooking.  I know it sucks and you have no time.  It dozens’ have to take hours to create meals that taste good and are good for you.
4. Be like Goldilocks and fill your body just right.  Goldilocks took some time to find her just right place.  Your body will need to thank you with energy, weight release, and joy when you eat right when you ar hungry and stop when you feel satisfied.
5. Create a community of friends who will walk with you, who you can support you and you, can support with encouragement, bitching through the withdrawals, recipes, and insights.  You are the only one who can heal your affair with food, yet you cannot do it alone.

In the Dancing with the Divine: How to Co-Create your Divine Plan for Healing your Relationship with Food and your Body, I detail how to access your Intu^Nutritional Ability so you can finally enjoy Intuitive Eating.  Just go here to claim your gift.





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