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Hating The Weight Away Will Only Make It Mulltiply: Try This Instead….

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What if you didn’t hate your extra weight?

What if you loved it and was thankful for it?

Until you learn the lesson that the weight has to share; it may leave but is most likely will return even bigger and harder to eliminate again.

I know that my recent weight gain had a big message and even though I knew better, I refused to listen to it or I would say ok, hurry up and tell me what is wrong so I can fix it!

It just doesn’t work that way.

The weight didn’t start to leave until I totally surrendered.

I knew that the extra weight was telling me that I was totally out of alignment with my business.


The scariest and most courageous action was looking in the eyes of closing shop, ending my career and admitting that I was not successful in Making It All Fit.


It was painful for a second, like pulling a band-aid off a wound yet it felt so good.


The feeling of freedom allowed the weight to leave and my appetite to stabilize.


Of course it isn’t that simple; I had some others events that led to this surrender and in time, I will share it.


So, the lesson here: If you are doing everything you can and are not finding the weight leaving, then switch your mindset into gratitude.  Be grateful for the extra weight.  Feel it.  Talk to it and then Listen……


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