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Don’t DIEt!

Don’t DIEt!

PODCAST: You can listen to this episode or download its mp3 HERE! defines a “Diet” as a particular selection of food, especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person’s physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease.

A DIEt are those eating plans that someone else decides the best way for you to eat, but a diet honors you.

Today; shun DIEts. Instead, create a diet that feeds you.

To help you diet instead of DIEt, I created a study of nutrition titled Intu^Nutrition.

Intu^Nutrition marries your intuition with the highest quality of nutrition available to you at any particular moment.

As a budding Intu^nutritionist, you learn how to access your inherent gut wisdom to create a diet that feeds you, heals you and allows you to shrink to your God-given size.

You were born an Intu^nutritionist.

When you were little; you ate to live.

Along the way something changed.

Maybe it was a mean comment from a loved one, or perhaps you found some love that only food could give.

For me, it was being called bubble butt at a young age. I realized that I was not built like my sisters however I was required to wear their hand-me-downs, clothes that did not honor my body.

As a result, I was told to watch my figure, and I did just that. I watched my butt get bigger from binging after going on hundreds of eating plans that were dishonorable.

The reason your signals got crossed isn’t the concern. For now, it is important to reconnect with that wisdom. Before I share how, let’s learn more about this incredible inner wisdom that you were born to hear.

In high school biology class, you learned about the Autonomic Nervous System. Textbooks outlined two branches: the Parasympathetic (rest & digest) system and the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight).

What those textbooks forgot to mention was this powerful 3rd branch called the ENS: or the Enteric Nervous System.

If you have ever felt butterflies in your belly or if you have had a gut feeling about something; that was the ENS attempting to communicate.

The Enteric Nervous System connects the brain to the belly via the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is big, thick and starts at the base of the skull, travels down your chest and explodes into millions of neurotransmitters at the base of the belly.

Your diet wisdom lies deep in your gut.

When you were little, the messaging between your belly and brain was clear. For example, when you were hungry, you ate, and you stopped eating when no longer hungry.

So, the first step to bringing out your Intu^Nutritionist and creating your diet requires first getting re-acquainted with your gut not by changing what you eat but instead NOTICING when you are hungry and when you are satisfied.

Yep, you read that right; keep eating what you are eating WHILE noticing your hunger levels using this handy tool called the End the Binge Blueprint.

End the Binge Blueprint, is a simple scale that reunites you and your gut.

To use the end the binge blueprint; just follow these steps:

  1. When you feel hungry put your hand on your gut and ask “What do I want to eat?”
  2. After your food selection, sit down and ask your gut; how empty are you? Are you starving or is your stomach just growling?
  3. Take five bites put down your fork and ask your gut: Am I satisfied?
  4. Rinse and repeat steps two and three until you are no longer hungry.

During the beginnings of your Intu^Nutrition training, you will find yourself eating when you are not hungry. Please be gentle with yourself.

You didn’t lose your Intu^nutrtion powers overnight, and reuniting will take time. Be imperfect and congratulate yourself on your progress.

I would love to share my End the Binge Blueprint with you! Just let me know below by leaving a comment.

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